Relational copy-paste

InterSyntax tool was born from the idea that most of the spreadsheets models are build from a combination of a small set of basic templates, each of them carrying its own logic. For example, a production facility  which owns several plants of similar structure, each of them having equipments working in 2 to 5 shifts.

The unitary service of the interSyntax services is the automation of the duplication of any range of cells using a proprietary technology named relational copy-paste; it includes duplication of format and formulas followed by formulas references update   according to a proprietary algorithm. Consequently building but also maintenance of large models is made from a small set of spreadsheet templates to be duplicated with no further human intervention.

This technology is key to automate and, therefore, to accelerate and make reliable models whatever complex they are and apply to all industrial and finance sectors. When combined with the chaining and nesting of unitary relational copy-paste, this service applied to any spreadsheet model then described as coming of a small set of templates and from the description of its logical duplications.


Implementation by interSyntax

With this interSyntax, creating a simulation model starts with building a minimal model, including all the basic patterns. Then the use of interSyntax services enables to automate duplications of these patterns to fit with the whole scope of the project.

As a consequence, the modeling tasks can be organized at different levels: designing by professionals specialized in model building and decision simulation by senior managers willing to update easily the model after a decision or after a change in the environment.

This technology, inspired by the industrialization techniques, improves significantly speed, reliability and quality control through the whole decision process. Further it increases decision maker’s performance in terms of reactivity, reliability and consensus building.

Decision makers will be more confident on rational of whatever they decide and will allow more time on their relational tasks. Globally, at corporate level, value provided by interSyntax services goes far beyond when used regularly within a structured decisional organization: more opportunities can be seized, better implemented and, , more confident delegation relationships can be established thanks to a better reporting. Ultimately the overall strategic quality is improved and the corporate scope enlarged.



Getting more and better

All Excel addins can be made individually available from interSyntax services , client per client would it be :

  • Licensed addin owned by the client
  • Addin developed by the client
  • interSyntax addins such as :
    • constraint optimization
    • risks analysis

Intersyntax is developing an API ecosystem  enabling a better integration in its tool :

  • smart command buttons
  • access to the whole structure and date from any model in use
  • data processing routines
  • descriptive statistic (non postulated multiple regression …

InterSyntax road map plan to bring continuously many other modeling innovations aiming at :

  • modeling performance
  • modeling sharing
  • time wise modeling
  • portfolio modeling